1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Coolant Water Circulation

Hi, my son has a 98 JGC, 4 cylinder 2 wheel drive, SUV. His car overheated so I replaced the water pump, refilled the fluids and started it up. Once operating temperture was passed, it began to overheat again and the water pump started to chirp.

Thinking I could have gotten a bad pump, I bought a 2nd. As well as a new thermostat.

As I removed the water pump I noticed that there seemed to be no water within the engine block or lower radiator hose attached to the bottom of the water pump.

I installed the 2nd. New water pump and thermostat,
added water and antifreeze, cranked it up and let it run. After a few minutes the engine began to run hot again.

I happened to touch the radiator cap and noticed that it wasn't hot. I removed the cap and the water within was not hot nor under any pressure.

Do you have to "bleed" the circulation system? Could it be a control valve of some sort. Could the rediator have clogged it self up so compleately? Help!
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Monday, January 29th, 2007 AT 2:42 PM

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Hey Charles,
That certainly sounds like either air trapped in the block or a clogged radiator. Unless you have a "spill proof" fill setup its a messy bleed. You can try to fill it and let it settle a bit, then fill some more. But the way I find that works the best is to run the vehicle with the cap off (assuming the radiator is not clogged), your going to make a mess but it will bleed of the air. Another option is to fill it thru one of the heater hoses, but thats slow and messy too. (But at least your bypassing the tstat and filling the block) I would recommend to verify the condition of the radiator and try one of those fill methods. Let us know!

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Monday, January 29th, 2007 AT 3:17 PM

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