1986 Jeep Cherokee engine dies after reving

  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 150,000 MILES
2.8 v6 (chevy) carborated

this problem started after I changed the left bank exhuast manifold gasket (lead gasket between manifold and down pipe).

the engine idles fine while warming up but when revved it dies. This happens with the engine warm or cold though more likely to happen when warm.

i changed out the fuel filter in the carb.

i thought that fixing the exhaust gasket might have been the issue if my exhaust was plugged so I unmounted the exhuast before the cat. So now the exhaust Y-pipes to gether and its open exhuast from there. So its not a plugged exhuast system

its almost like the carb is running out of fuel in the bowl but if I hit the gas again I can keep it running. Also brought the idle screw up a bit that didnt seem to help.

there are SO many vancume lines on this thing im not sure if there is a line unplugged or a hole in one, I have searched but not been able to find one.

i find it strange to be doing this after fixing the exhuast, but after unhooking the cat and muffler and it still died after revving high I dont believe its exhuast related.

i've sprayed carb cleaner into the carb while running the engine that didn't help, next I will try a can of seafoam but I am not optimistic.

the engine idles high under no load at park, but not too high to make me think that is part of the problem.

i still need to check the fuel pressure output from the (engine driven) pump it should be around 6psi if I remember the book correctly

any other ideas
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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 AT 1:40 AM

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Hi jborushko, Welcome to 2carpros and TY for the donation

Inspect and test the mixture control solenoid, and the throttle position sensor on left side of carb. Also check if the accelerator pump is squirting fuel as you pull the throttle back and clean out the EGR and PCV valves. Also do a fuel pressure check
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Thursday, June 10th, 2010 AT 10:45 PM

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