2004 Jaguar XJR



April, 12, 2010 AT 11:55 AM

Smells problem
2004 Jaguar XJR V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 25,000 miles

My Jag is in excellent condition. However, after I have driven her, there is a burnt smell when I put her in the garage.

The Brembo brakes appear to have at least 3/8ths pad all the way around. There is no noticeable odor while driving. If, when I first start her, I leave her idling in the garage, there is no odor. There is no smoke or any other signs of burning, other than, the odor in the garage after driving.

My guess would be the brakes. Is it unusual for break pads to emit such an odor? I'm inclined to replace the pads and rotors just to see if this corrects the problem; however, it would be frustrating to go through this trouble and expense to no avail.


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Dave H

April, 15, 2010 AT 3:09 AM

Check the brakes for a binding/sticking caliper piston. This would cause the pad to be rubbing on rotor constantly causing excessive heat and a burning smell?



April, 15, 2010 AT 4:22 PM

Dave, I had a little time over the weekend & sniffed around the car after driving her. As hard as I tried, I couldn't detect that the odor was eminating from any of the wheels.

I uncovered the radiator & found that the male plastic feed from the expansion tank to one of the vent hoses had broken & was emitting a very little bit of fluid. Just enough to make an odor when it hit something hot but not enough to notice dripping, etc.

I'm in the process of removing the broken tank. I haven't yet figured out how to disconnect the water level sensor. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

I really like your site & plan to contribute.

Thanks and very best regards,



Dave H

April, 15, 2010 AT 6:22 PM

I'm not 100 % sure on the XJR, but on most models the sensor is held in by rubber grommet/seal pushed into the bottle?.

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