Jaguar XJ8



July, 19, 2007 AT 10:48 AM

My brother in law has just bought a jaguar xj8 v8 3.2 automatic, and has put diesel in to teh petrol engine, in has got right into the engine and I am currently tryin to bleed the fuel lines, I have all spark plugs taken out, how do u remove the fuel injection system to gain acces to the fuel filters?

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Dave H

November, 26, 2009 AT 7:55 AM

Depressurize the fuel system, refer to FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE.
Drain the fuel tank using a suitable manually operated (NOT electrically operated) suction pump/tanker.
Raise the vehicle on a ramp.
Release the filter clamp from the vehicle body.
Remove the bolt.
Reposition the clamp clear of the filter.
Fig. 1: Releasing Filter Clamp
CAUTION: Use two spanners to make sure no strain is placed on the pipes.

NOTE: Position a suitable container below the filter to collect the fuel.

Remove the filter from the fuel pipes.
Release the union nut and detach the pipe; fuel tank pipe to filter. Allow residual fuel to drain.
Fig. 2: Removing Filter From Fuel Pipes
Remove the filter from the fuel pipes.
Release the union nut and detach the under floor pipe from the filter.
Remove the filter.
Remove and discard the seals from the pipes.
Fig. 3: Removing Filter From Fuel Pipes
Install blanking plugs to the pipes.
Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.
Install new seals to the under floor pipe and to the fuel tank pipe.
Tighten the bolt, filter bracket to body, to 5-7 Nm.
Tighten the fuel pipe union nuts to 26-34 Nm.

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