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September, 14, 2007 AT 2:28 PM

Hi.I have a 1999 Isuzu Trooper 3.5L v6 w/85,500 miles, 5 speed manual.I have experienced an extreme amount problems w/this vehicle for about the past 3 years, but it has not really even been drivable since august 2006.

I've spent over $3000 in repairs since last summer & it is still acting up w/the same symptoms. Loss of power, stalling, gas gauge drops to empty, idles very erractically, lots of smoke out the exhaust after starting, & when it stalls there is black smoke & the foulist smell, & it sometimes surges, lunges, & jumps when accelerating. Of course none of these things ever occur when at the repair facility.

Three years ago I had the O2 sensor & the mass air flow sensor replaced, two years ago the EVAP system, Map sensor, & EGR valve replaced. Since last summer it also got 4 computers(dealedrship thought the computer were bad, kept replacing), mass air flow sensor AGAIN, fuel level sensor, engine temp sensor, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, fuel filters, new battery, new ground at computer, wiring checked for a short.I went to 2 Isuzu dealerships, 1 GM dealership, & 2 private garages for all this work. No one has even been able to begin to figure any of this out.

So, I picked up my Trooper from the garage this last time, 2 weeks ago today. Lo & behold it ran very well for 10 whole days before the gas gauge dropped & the darn thing died as I pulled into my daughters school.I managed to get it started again, drove home, it died again, & 2 more times after that.

Just when I was ready to call it quits, I came accross some info online about the fuel pressure regulator. Is it possible that this could be the solution to my Isuzu nightmare?It seems to have the symptoms, except the gas gauge drop. Does anyone know if the gas gauge drop would be a symptom of FPR failure on this particular make/model?

I am extremely hesitant to put another penny into this vehicle, but at this point I am totally stuck w/this useless hunk of junk. : (

BTW, this last private garage that I went to is so awesome(even though they couldn't fix it), they gave me 20 hours of free labor because they feel so bad for me. Those guys are amazing!

Thankyou so much to everyone who has taken the time to read this & for any advice or comments I may recieve. And I am really sorry that this is so long!


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September, 14, 2007 AT 9:12 PM

Welcome to 2Carpros

This one can be a nightmare for us here, but I'll attempt.

For a start do an actual fuel pressure check with a fuel pressure gauge to rule out the fuel system-a malfunctioning pressure will show when vacuum and no vacuum applied to it. It will raise the pressure somewhere between 10-12lbs w/o vacuum.

Also if possible have the fuel pump circuits check, for a voltage drop, it might be that the fuel pump is not getting the power it needs to spin the motor fast enough to keep up with the pressure specification or a problem with the fuel control module.

That's its for now till you comeback



September, 21, 2007 AT 12:59 PM

Hi. Me again!

Thank you rasmataz so much for your advice!My trooper just went into the garage to get checked out. Hopefully this nightmare will be over for me soon.

So, the guys at the garage have never put an FPR on a trooper before & they were wondering if anyone can tell me where the FPR is located, just to speed things up in case I do need the part. They were thinking that it may be on the fuel pump & were not to happy about that.

Thanks! : D



September, 21, 2007 AT 1:59 PM

Its on the fuel rail



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