How do I remove rear brake rotor?

I am doing a brake job on my 1995 Isuzu Rodeo, 3.2 V6, 4WD and need to know how to remove the rear brake rotors. I have already removed the calipers, but can't figure out how to get the rotors off!
Arrgghhh. Please help!
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Monday, February 27th, 2006 AT 3:32 PM

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Replacement procedures for your vehicle's rear brake rotors are below.

When removing the rotor, make sure the hand brake is not engaged.
Raise and support the rear of the vehicle safely on jackstands.
Remove the wheel and tire assembly.
Disconnect the parking brake cable from the caliper. Refer to the procedure in this section.
Remove the brake caliper mounting bolts and carefully remove the caliper (along with the brake pads) from the rotor. Do not disconnect the brake line. Secure the caliper out of the way with the flexible line still connected.
Remove the caliper bracket retainer bolts from the rear of the brake assembly.
Slide the rotor off the wheel studs. If the rotor will not come off easily, use a soft-faced hammer and tap around the rotor. If the rotor will still not come off, remove the rubber cap from the rear of the brake assembly, and loosen the hand brake adjuster star wheel for the brake shoes.

Slide the rotor over the wheel studs and secure in place.
Install the caliper bracket, and tighten the retainer bolts to 37 ft. Lbs. (50 Nm).
Install the brake pads and caliper.
Attach the parking brake cable to the caliper assembly.
If equipped with Duo-Servo type rear brakes, adjust the brake shoes, then install the rubber cap at the rear of the brake assembly.
Install the tire and wheel assembly.
Remove the supports and carefully lower the vehicle.

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