1994 Infiniti Q45 fuel injectors

  • 1994 INFINITI Q45
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 188,000 MILES
Check engine light come on within a 1/2 mile, poor to little acceleration, engine runs rough at light. Changed 2 injectors (5&6)3 months ago car ran great now same symtom readout states #1 injector not operating. What should I expect to pay to replace the remaining 6 injectors (labor and parts). Should I replace the spark plugs at the same time? Any other suggestions? I expect to keep the care for 9 months to a year.
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Friday, April 2nd, 2010 AT 10:33 AM

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The cost of replacing your fuel injectors will vary so widely, it's impossible for me to give you a direct quote. But I can explain how a mechanic gets his/her information to come up with an estimate. This may help you when trying to find a shop to perform the procedure.

First, almost all shops use a data service called AllData or Mitchell to get there repair information (procedures, prices and labor rates). However, though the procedures are what they are, the prices and labor rates are nothing more that a scam.

AllData will quote a price for 233.00 per injector. But AutoZone quotes a price of 127.00. The problem is almost no shop will let you buy your own injectors and install them for you.

They'll tell you it's because they can't warranty any parts unless it comes from their supplier. But of course that's bullshit. They need to quote you the price from AllData then run out and buy the cheaper injectors from AutoZone so they can make their profit.

And as for labor rates, AllData quotes 7.1 hours if your engine has traction control and 4.4 hours if it doesn't. But of course that's also bullshit. (Traction control has absolutely nothing to do with your fuel injectors. You still have 8 injectors and they're located in the same place and in the same way)

And I can personally put on 8 fuel injectors within an hour. But a shop needs to quote you what AllData says so that they can make their profit.

So, what you'll end up paying for your fuel injectors will depend on your negotiotion skills, how honest the mechanic and what information you're armed with when you do your negotiations.

But remember this:
The way the economy is right now, you have an advantage that mechanics won't want you to realize. They need your business. So call around and find a shop willing to install injectors that you buy yourself. (AutoZone will have their own warranty, so don't worry). And when you negotiate labor rates, don't be afraid to tell the mechanic that you know someone who'll do it for cheaper.

Someone will want your business.

Finally, replacing your sparkplugs will depend on how long it's beens since they were last replaced, and what condition they're in now.

It's not necessary to replace them when you replace injectors, but if they're bad, then you should.
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