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I have a 98 eclipse rs (420a motor) with a couple of issues that have got me stumped and its just becoming more of a headache than just a simple fix.

I think the main issue that Im having is mainly just an engine that wants to crank but not turn over. I had recently bought and had installed a aftermarket clutch/ flywheel and master cylinder a while back but I guess I broke it in too early and lost 2nd gear, forcing me to skip from 1st to 3rd while I drive (increasing my rpms to make the transition between the two gears. Previously to changing the clutch I had an issue with my heater hose, where it busted from the bottom end and I replaced that and burped the radiator. Also replaced an alternator and belt, brand new starter and just installed some new spark plugs. I had an overflow of motor oil in the car, so I drained it and corrected the amount needed. Spark plugs were really bad but when I was re-tightening the plugs, my #1 wire got the metal contact stuck on the plug and I cant push it back into the boot (will that keep it from starting, I know misfire is an concern). Um. Along with changing alot of these parts I realized what looks to be alot of carbon build up along the headers flange, which bolts up to the block (and that too raised some concerns). Um. I would assume I have spark for the most part/ besides the set back on the #1 boot. I have fuel/ I checked the fuel pump and heard it prime up, also checked the fuel rail and it spits out fuel. Sometimes when I can get it to start, it while idle very briefly and then shut off (no hesitation or stuttering, just plain out die). I will take it off the battery and then wait several hours if not the next day and then it will do the same thing, but never keep idle. Try to restart it and it will just keep cranking as if its starved and make a whine noise (guess thats just the starter). //Sorry if its alot but I just want to be as detailed as possible// From the research that Ive done online and just looking at it, I can only come up with two things. Either its timing or a bad sensor ( my guess is maybe the crankshaft position sensor or a sensor related to the intake like a MAF sensor/ looked online and supposedly this motor doesnt have a MAF sensor but a MAP sensor? (Whats the diff). Im not an expert at mechanics but I can get around and figure things out. Im just seriously in need of some help!

Could the ECU be an issue? IDK I am lost, need help fast, THANKS
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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 AT 3:11 PM

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There are so many changes I am going to focus on the fact that it is hard to start and when it does start it stalls. The plug boot can be moved back with the help of some silicone spray. Just try to get the red tube that comes on the can under the boot some and if not then soak the top and bottom of the boot. Keep doing this and you will probably get it to move. Arcing is a big concern without the boot and it could throw the timing off and cause it to sputter and stall. Be careful of the spark plug terminal as you don't want it to come off. The carbon buildup at the exhaust sounds like an exhaust leak. It sounds bad enough to where you should get manifold gaskets and fix it. Otherwise you may damage a valve.
One thing to check first would be the fuel pressure. Advance Auto or Auto Zone has the tool to do this and they loan it out for free.
I am attaching links to diagnostic walk throughs that will take you step by step through a process of elimination, including fuel pressure check, of the most common problems that will make a car hard to start of make it stall.
Just use the links below;


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