2003 Hyundai Santa Fe



August, 27, 2009 AT 2:31 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

i am posting this question for a friend who emailed it to me , this is her story on what happened to her 2003 santa fe. thank you
the dealer has told her the engine is seized , and it is not under warranty .they want $ 500 just to open it up to look at it. just wondering if there is anything else to look for or at .the car is not at the dealer anymore , it was towed back home, as the dealer wanted to charge storage fees , while she made up her mind on what to do. they also told her that they could put in a new engine for $6000. below is her story .
thank you eddie___________________________________________

My friend and I drove around for awhile and when we got back to her house at the end of the evening she got out of the car and noticed a funny smell.

I looked at my temp gauge and it was half between hot and cold. I said the gauge was normal and this happened before when I went to PA to visit my parents.

At that time (1 or 2 weeks prior) My father mentioned a smell and said it was normal for such a long trip for the car to smell like that. [I would describe it as an electrical, rubber, heat smell -like a combo- not just electrical or rubber but 3 smells in one, sort of] but the gauge had said middle of the road then, too.

I left my friend’s house (Harrington Park) on Russell place heading east on Harriot to Giles Road.

As I came to the stop sign, a large cloud of grey smoke came out of the right side of the hood. A truck passed in front of me and I proceeded to bear left over the RR tracks onto Elm.

Heard a loud sizzling sound from under the hood. I wondered if the car was overheating even though it hadn’t indicated so. I turned on the air (with the intention of turning on the

heat to cool down the engine) and the air conditioner was on. I paniced hitting the temp button a lot (dropping the temp instead of raising it). A weird electrical “bing" sound happened and the temp gauge shot directly to H.

I pulled over (after stopping at the stop) into the deserted gas station on corner of Elm and Schraalenburgh.

Can’t remember if it stalled at this point or if I turned it off and tried to restart it. Anyway- It didn’t start.

When I had tried to start it it clicked like dead battery but the lights worked brightly and the widows went up well, radio fine.

Raised the hood and added water. Called my friend. Then called the Police to leave the car there until the next day. Thought if it cooled it might be ready to run then. When the police arrived I checked the oil and added more water. He said it was out of the way of the street and I could leave it and that he would watch it on patrol.


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August, 27, 2009 AT 4:10 PM

What happens now when she tries to start it? Does it still just click?



September, 1, 2009 AT 9:41 PM

yes it clicks when she trys to start it. Full battery power. Sounds like a bad starter noise. But it does not crank.
I did find out, the timeing belt has not been changed.
Thank you



September, 2, 2009 AT 7:14 AM

Hi: Have a helper turn the key to the start position while you check the voltage to the smaller wire on the starter. Let me know what you find.

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