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1999 Hyundai Elantra. 97k miles, 4 cylindar standard transmission. I've having trouble taking the rear door panel off. The power window isn't working and the window has fallen down. I want to get in to the door and either fix it, or just wedge the window so that it stays up. I took 6 screws off the right and left sides, the one under the door handle and the one hidden in the arm rest. I have tried prying the panel off, but I think if I pry more, it will break. I know there must be clips holding it on, but can't seem to remove them. Any suggestions?


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Thursday, May 31st, 2007 AT 11:49 AM

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U need to completely remove the handle and plastec arm rest from door also, there are 2 plastic interlocking clips that hold the rods to the back of the handle, pop off the clips and pop rods out of clip and remove handle, the arm rest insert you just need to pull up on it with force and it will pop out, as for the door panel there are panel clips that hold it on pretty good if u dont have a panel tool than you can use a small pry bar or big regular screwdriver rap end in a rag so u wont damage panel and start at the bottom of door. In sert prying tool in between door panel and door and pry, You dont need to use too much force, it will pop off, once u get it started u can jus grab the lower part of door and pull outwards with both hands. Just be carefull and if there is any resistance just look to make sure u didnt 4get any screws

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Thursday, May 31st, 2007 AT 6:14 PM

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