Accent check engine light on airbag coming on and off

Re my daughters" 2000 accent, 5 spd with 140,000km on 4 cyl engine:

Last evening, on a short distance grocery run, the Accents check engine light came on and simutaneously the airbag warning light came on. She also noticed that the heater fan seemd to increase in volume, (she noticed that it sounded louder). After going into a grocery store when she restarted the car the check engine indicator stayed on, but the arirbag went out temporarily. I seemed to then come on sporadically on her drive home. This AM the symtoms seem to have continued and she thought she "smelled to odour of burning plastic".

I suspect a faulty electrical regulator in the alternator. Am I going in the right direction


She lives 180 miles from me, the nearest Hyundai dealer is 50 miles from her community, would you recommend driving the car any distance with these symptoms?

second: I have a code reader, what code should I see if this is the case?

third: Why would the Airbag light illuminate? What is the connection if it is high voltage?

Fourth: what is the easiest method to troubleshoot/prove disprove the alternator theory? Voltage test?

Any other theories?

Anyone else encounter this problem? If so, what was the fix.

The car is well maintained. In the last month the plug wires were replaced. The battery is original. Coils were replaced 18 months ago. No other major repairrs.

My code reader only reads "P" codes.

Thanks for your help. Sam
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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 AT 12:46 PM

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Drove down to check out my daughter s Accent this AM

Checked voltage acros battery terminals:
Engine off - 12.4 volts; Engine running - 20.0 volts

Noise from engine compartment alternator area as she described; high pitched wheezing. Both check engine and airbag lights on.

Shut engine off, disconnebcted battery and installed new alternator (reconditioned with built in regulator) at curb side. 20 minutes. Check engine light went out by itself when engine restarted. Airbag light stayred on. My code reader only does the engine (P) codes. Voltage acoss terminal when running 14.2 volts.

Drove to a local garage where mechanic scanned the airbag codes, found high voltage code in history and cleared same clearing light.

Costs: $199.00 CDN for alternator at NAPA Auto Parts with 1 yr. Warranty; $15. For scan and erasing airbag code.

FYI, Hyundai dealer in nearby town did not have an alternator in stock but if he had it would have been $325.00 with a 1 year warranty (only if they installed it). I can imaginge what they would have charged for the scan, labour and shop supplies as well as etc, etc.

Hope this benefits someone elsein the fututre.
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Monday, November 5th, 2007 AT 3:08 PM

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