April, 3, 2006 AT 4:04 PM

I have a 1997 hyndai Elantra 4 cyl milage is 172000 My A/C sytem is not cooling I checked the refrigerent level with a over the counter $9.00 gauge for checking refrigerant level the gauge reads in the blue fully charged I then checked the blend door and this was also operating properly it was opening and closing also my compressor turns on immidietly after pushing the A/C switch, the low pressure aluminum hose is very cold at the engine entering the engine firewall can you help me narrow down my problem and my vehicle does have 2 fans at the radiator how do I know which one is for the A/C system I would appreciate your guidance.
Thank you ?


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April, 3, 2006 AT 6:28 PM

The smaller fan is the condenser fan. It should come on when the compressor engages. If it doesn't you will have high head pressure and and cool not cold air.

You might have a blend door problem letting in heat as a mix.



April, 4, 2006 AT 11:32 AM

Thank you very much for your assistance I located the problem it was the blend door, the blend door cable was not closing the door completely and it was as you said mixing hot air with cold air I followed the red and blue air temp knob and located the cable I then manually adjusted the cable as instructed in my Chiltons repair manual #32102 page 6-21 my wife will now give me my truck back : D : lol: 8) 8) 8) 8)

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