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Dear Professor,

Our team is working on a Hyundai Lambda 3.6L V6 300HP engine. We are having disputes as to where the oil sensor should be located. Is it before the oil filter? After the oil filter?

We are getting two different reads from the two different positions.

The position after the oil filter reads 1-3 PSI at 1,000RPM warmed up.

The position before the oil filter reads 18-20 PSI at 1,000 RPM warmed up.

Which position is correct? Or is there something wrong with the sensor (sensor was checked out fine).

Tell me if I am wrong but we seem to believe that the oil pressure that the engine is directly receiving is 1-3 PSI at 1,000 RPM. This is because the position after the oil filter is the last point in which the oil travels until it reaches the engine. The oil filter obviously decreases the PSI and we feel that 1-3 PSI is VERY LOW for the engine.

The manual states that at 1,000 RPM the PSI should be 18.77 PSI. HOWEVER, the original position of the sensor is located after the oil filter and that sensor only reads 1-3 PSI at 1,000 RPM.

This is why we are confused. Why would they list the oil psi specification at a point before the oil filter even though the actual sensor is located after the oil filter?

We are worried that the 1-3 PSI reading is the correct reading. Isn't 1-3 PSI VERY LOW? Dangerous?

I am sure that my question is not very clear and so I would like to request a technician to give us a call.

My number is 425 319 2796

Your experience and expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Please I would like to speak to anyone with some knowledge in this matter. DOES NOT have to be a hyundai expert. Just a Car Expert. Thank you so so much.

Sun Lee
jpanside@gmail. Com
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have the same problem?
Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 AT 4:21 PM

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Hi iizasa and TY for the donation

Do you hear any type of knocking noises? If not no worries

The position before the oil filter reads 18-20 PSI at 1,000 RPM warmed up. This one here sounds good to me at an idle of 600rpm should be 8-12psi and the higher the rpm the higher the pressure bcuz the oil pump is turning faster.

Some oil pressure sending unit has 2 switches not familiar with yours-

A low pressure and a high pressure. These vehicles also have an oil pressure gauge, but the reading on the gauge is not a true indication of real oil pressure. As long as the pressure to the sending unit is between high and low, the gauge will read normal. If oil pressure drops and trips the low pressure switch, the dash gauge will now read low. Or, if oil pressure goes up and trips the high switch inside the sending unit, the dash gauge will read high. Consequently, don't rely on the oil pressure gauge for an accurate reading in these vehicles. It is only a gross indication if the oil pressure is low, normal or high.

This is how the oil lubrication system works -the oil pump picks the oil from the sump thru the pick screen then to the oil filter and then thru out the engine
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Friday, October 23rd, 2009 AT 8:12 PM
The lambda from genesis is a a powerfull car and I have a little story that may help.
Most new cars have 2 oxygen sensors,
One before the catalytic converter and one after it, both help the pcm determine what the problem actually is and help tectnician diagnose problem related emissions,
Now when thinking about the problem you presented about the new lambda from genesis, you do not need to have 2 gauges on the dash, that could confuse drivers but if the psi for the sensor after the oil filter (1-3 psi) is an output the computer and having another sensor 18.77 psi) as input, that could help diagnose the oil sending unit with the 2 parameters(if they are not within that speciation), then there is a problem in the lubrication system.
The problem is not about the left or right side of the oil filter. It is about the location of the oil filter that may have changed.( The theory of relativity :-)
but as long as the system can be lubricated before the oil filter, I think that could be fine.
What I do not know is" is the psi and the engine lubrication in real accordance?"
The oil specification must be respected for that powerfull car (300HP) I do not know what the design look like but, and I do not know if you can modify the design?
Otherwise having 2 sensors could solve the problems
Where your oil pump located at?
Is this car for 2010?
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Friday, October 23rd, 2009 AT 9:03 PM

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