2002 Hyundai



January, 9, 2007 AT 10:46 PM

Bought this car in June 2005. Had about 66K miles. Middle of July, it overheats from a bad thermostat. First place I go tells me I have a blown head gasket, but we tow it to a friend of the family's shop for a second opinion. He says the first place is full of crap and replaces the thermostat.

Drive the car fine until around NYE, when it begins making a high pitched squealing noise as I stop and pull away from stop lights. Take it to the only shop open the day after New Years, and they tell me its the water pump and serpentine belt. They replace. They tell me the squealing is from coolent dripping on the belt and then the belt slipping as you rev the engine to pull away.

After getting the car back, the car has a vibration it didn't have before, take it back to the shop. They say I might need a tune-up but can't find anything really wrong with the car.

A few months later, the water pump leaks again. Take the car to the family friend who replaces it. The original shop claims since they didn't put the warrenty on the receipt then they won't honor anything. Found that it was leaking by that same sqeualing from slowing down and speeding up at stop lights again.

A few months after this, I believe in October, the second water pump goes, put another on. At this time, I also had the flex pipe and the radiator replaced. The car had been having random overheating problems from hot coolent melting part of the seal on the plastic tank after the first overheating. I had been waiting until I had the money to fix it. Again, same warning sounds from squealing.

Now, it; 's the first week of January, and the water pump began leaking again. Also, since it got colder, there has been a loose belt that squeaks as I start the car. Had it tightened, so it's not obnoxious, but it still makes a little bit of a squeal right at the start up.

The car has just under 100K miles, I believe 98,500 right now. I want this fixed, and I need some help. My next step is to take it to the dealership, but I'm trying to avoid all that. Any thoughts? Guys, I'd donate but I'm broke on all fronts. Do you have any ideas why a car would suck through three water pumps in a year? Thats the full story of everything thats gone on with this car since I got it.


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January, 9, 2007 AT 11:05 PM

: 3 pumps in a year : Something's going on here. Not sure, but might want to check that the belt drivng the pump is not too tight.

Is the pump itself actually leaking or is it leaking where it mates to the engine?



January, 10, 2007 AT 1:48 AM

I'm being told it's the pump that's leaking. I trust the family friend, with the last pump he basically gave us the repair for only the cost of the part, no labor charges.

So, having the belt too tight could be destroying the pumps? I know something's going on here, that's why I'm asking. Should I just drop it off at a Hyundai dealership and tell them not to call me till they've found the issue and have it fixed?


Bruce Hunt

January, 10, 2007 AT 7:48 AM

No, I never give anyone carde blanche. You shouldn't either. Hyknrd nibbled at the root of the problem. Hyundai is trying so hard to be a Honda. I am not trying to promote Honda, but the engineers at Honda do have a leg up on them. That said, I would venture to say that the design the Hyundai is using on that engine with the configuration of the belt assembly puts pressure on one major focal point, the water pump. So.

You may not know what the brand of the parts are that are being applied to the vehicle but I would pay close attention to them. You want to get a replacement water pump from Hyundai or one that specifically addresses the issue with better bearings and seals. Next, you want to make sure that the installation of the belt is perfect, not too tight and certainly not too loose. Many times close enough is good enough but in this instance I would shoot for perfect.

By the way, I don't dislike Hyundai, just some of the things they do. I have some similar issues with Honda as well. Good luck!



January, 10, 2007 AT 5:53 PM

As for perfect, the mechanic/owner/fam friend did it himself to make sure it was exact. He also got a brand new pump directly from Hyundai, so hopefully this will work.

Who knows. At this time, I'm just trying to unload the car as soon as I can afford to and pick up something cheap and reliable.

Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it.

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