I need help with a tune up

  • 3.4L
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 125,600 MILES
How to tighten an Alternator and how to fix the mis-firing in cylinder #1 after I changed the plugs, wires & injector #1. I had problem with the van, so I went to the local garage and had them put it on the analyzer, it cost me $48.00 to find out that injector #1, and spark plug #1, and the O2 sensor were bad, they wanted $1,200.00 to do the work. Since I, m not working and have no real income, I purchased the parts myself, and in about two weeks I got all the work done, and the van started back up. My neighbor came over with his little hand-held analyzer, and indicated that I still had the same issue going on. I switched the coils to see if that might be the problem, but it cam up the same. I sprayed carb cleaner around to see if it was a vacuum leak, no issue there. All the wires were replaced, the plugs, the #1 injector, and the the manifold gasket too. After thinking all night, I remembered that there was a wiring harness outer cover that had a crack in it, I don, t think this outer shell casing would be the problem, but I took stuff appart, and put electrical tape around it just in case, then I started to put all of the stuff back together, except now I can, t get the alternator tightened to find out if that was the issue or not. Can you please tell me what the firing problem could be, and how to tighten the alternator back up, as I can, t seem to have a way to get any leverage to do it, as there is hoses, and plastic steering fluid box in the way.
P.S. I did not change the o2 sensor, as this code went away, could it still be that?
I was wondering, if it was that, why does the engine still have that puttering sound when it goes.
Oh Yea! The 'service engine soon' light is on steady, but once I go 30 mph or above it flashes, then once I go 30 mph or below it stays steady. Does that help?
Once again, thanks, Anthony
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have the same problem?
Monday, May 25th, 2015 AT 10:18 AM

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Misfires are b---h to fix they can be anything form a spark plug to low compression, vacuum leak or some other sensor causing it. Also low fuel pressure can cause it. Check fuel pressure with a gauge auto parts rent them and check for a vacuum leak then compression test. I doubt it 's the O2 sensor.
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Monday, May 25th, 2015 AT 10:33 AM

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