1998 Honda Passport



May, 9, 2010 AT 9:27 PM

1998 Honda Passport

Just replaced engine in my 98 passport and she is overheating. Bled system and seemed to help. Was driving it all day today no problem. Parked it later in the day and drove 5 miles and she overheated. Let it cool and drove home and everything was fine. This has happened a couple times. Did a test on it this morning and let it idle. Top hose got hot bottom never did and it got to 182 degrees. I am almost sur it must be the thermostat because the engine was sitting for a long while. Other than that it runs great. Do you guys think its the thermostsat and should I replace the intake gaskets at the same time. I have to take the intake manifold off to get to the thermostat. Thanks


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May, 10, 2010 AT 12:01 AM

Hi spanishsilver, Welcome to 2carpros and TY for the donation

If its a water pump problem it'll overheat in less than 10mins and you won't go 5miles and make sure the radiator is not clogged and cooling fans are coming on if okay, go head with the thermostat and intake gasket

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