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  • 2004 HONDA CRV
Air Conditioning problem
2004 Honda CRV 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 95k miles

Im replacecing an entire ac system with all new parts ( comp./Condenser/ evap/ exp. Valve / hoses ) My first question: is flushing the system necessary since all parts are new, Im just seeking for more opinion. My second question : capacity of ac oil is 7.79oz does it all go to compressor. Thank you.
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Hi rlgloria,

Since it is going to be a new system, there is nothing left for you to flush.

Recommended PAG oil: KEIHIN SP - 10:
" P/N 38897 -P13 -A01AH: 120 m l (4 fl - oz)
" P/N 38899 -P13 -A01: 40 m l (1 1/3 fl - oz)

Add the recommended refrigerant oil in the amount listed if you replace any of the following parts.
" To avoid contamination, do not return the oil to the container once dispensed, and never mix it with other refrigerant oils.
" Immediately after using the oil, reinstall the cap on the container, and seal it to avoid moisture absorption.
" Do not spill the refrigerant oil on the vehicle; it may damage the paint. If it gets on the paint, wash it off immediately.

Condenser. 25 m l (5/6 fl -oz)
Evaporator. 40 m l (1 1/3 fl - oz)
Line or hose. 10 m l (1/3 fl -oz)
Leakage repair. 25 m l (5/6 fl -oz)

Compressor. For compressor replacement, subtract the volume of oil drained from the removed compressor from 130 m l (4 1/3 fl - oz), and drain the calculated volume of oil from the new compressor: 130 m l (4 1/3 fl - oz) - Volume of removed compressor = Volume to drain from new

NOTE: Even if no oil is drained from the removed compressor, don't drain more than 50 m l (1 2/3 fl -oz) from the new compressor.
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