Transmission swap

  • 1999 HONDA CRV
Four cylinder all wheel drive automatic 89,000 miles.

Directions on swapping the transmission.
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Friday, June 4th, 2010 AT 3:13 PM

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Removal (CR-V)

1. Disconnect negative battery cable, and then positive battery cable. Remove intake air hose and air cleaner housing assembly. Remove starter cables. Remove wire harness clamp from clamp bracket on starter. Remove transaxle ground cable and radiator hose clamp from transaxle hanger.

2. Disconnect lock-up control solenoid valve connector, and remove harness clamp from clamp bracket. Disconnect vehicle speed sensor, countershaft speed sensor and A/T gear position switch connectors.

3. Remove trans-axle housing mounting bolts. Disconnect main-shaft speed sensor, shift control solenoid and linear solenoid connectors. Remove trans-axle drain plug and drain fluid. Install drain plug with new washer. Tighten plug to specification. See appropriate table under torque specifications.

4. Remove splash shield from bottom of engine. Remove cotter pins and castle nuts from lower ball joints. Separate ball joints from lower control arms. Remove right shock strut damper fork bolt and separate strut damper from fork.

Caution: When removing CV joint and drive axle assembly from trans-axle, do not pull on drive axle or knuckle. Inboard CV joint may separate. Pull on inboard joint housing.

5. Using two large screwdrivers, pry inboard CV joints from trans-axle. Remove or support shafts aside. Protect inner CV joint spline from contamination by covering drive axle end with a plastic bag.

6. Disconnect front oxygen sensor harness connector. Remove header pipe. Remove shift control cable cover. Separate shift cable from control lever. Do not bend shift cable excessively.

7. Make reference marks across transfer assembly and drive shaft flanges. Separate drive shaft from transfer assembly. Remove intermediate shaft. Cover both ends of intermediate shaft with plastic bags. Coat all precision finished surfaces with clean engine oil.

8. Remove right front mount/bracket. Disconnect ATF cooler hoses at joint pipes. Support cooler hoses aside with wire to prevent ATF from flowing out. Plug pipes and hoses.

9. Remove rear stiffener and torque converter cover. Remove drive plate bolts. Using engine hoist or an appropriate engine support fixture, relieve weight of engine from mounts. Support trans-axle using trans-axle jack and raise slightly. Remove engine mount bolts.

10. Remove all trans- axle mounting bolts. Pull trans-axle away from engine until trans-axle clears dowel pins. Lower trans-axle assembly with torque converter from vehicle. Remove torque converter from trans-axle. Remove starter from trans-axle housing.
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