1997 Honda CRV instal new stereo

  • 1997 HONDA CRV
  • 4 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 201,178 MILES
I cant remove my car stereo and put new one, so can u tell me how to do it
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Friday, February 6th, 2009 AT 12:59 AM

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Radio removal requires removal of the driver's dashboard lower cover, glove box, center pocket or console and center dashboard lower cover.

Before disconnecting the battery cable(s) or the radio electrical connectors, make sure to note the radio security code. Once disconnected, the radio will not function until the code is entered.

Note the radio security code.
Remove the glove box, and the driver's side lower dash trim from below the steering wheel
Remove the lower, center console trim, as outlined in.
Remove the center console change box and the cup holder assembly from the center console, as follows:
Open the change box and remove the 6 Phillips screws that mount the change box onto the console.
Using a small flat-bladed prytool or a small curved pick, pull outward on the hook located on the upper right hand side of the change box, while pulling on the box to remove it from the console.
Remove the center console center cover.
Remove the 2 lower and 2 right side Phillips screws from the cover.
Carefully pull the left side of the console away from the dash to release the left side clips.
Remove the combination radio and heater control assembly from the center dash.
Use an 8mm wrench or Phillips screwdriver to remove the left and right side bolts that mount the assembly to the dash brackets.
Once both bolts are removed, carefully pull the combination radio and heater control assembly from the center dash. The assembly is secured with 6 clips and may require a little patience and finesse to release it from the console.
Once the assembly has been loosened, reach behind it to release the two wire terminals from the heater controls, and the wire terminal and antenna lead from the radio.
To remove the radio, remove the two bolts on the left and right sides using an 8mm wrench or Phillips screwdriver.
Installation is the reverse of the removal.
Enter the radio security code and radio station presets.

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