Honda Civic



September, 26, 2006 AT 7:25 PM

I have a 94 Honda Civic LX 160,000 miles, my thermostat would goto to high and then as I press the gas the thermostat would go back down to normal. I recently replaced the radiator, and for about a week the thermostat stayed normal but now it is doing it again. I will drive for about 30 mins and everything is fine, then if I stop the thermostat goes to high, when I press the gas (most of the time not all the time) the thermostat goes back down to normal. The faster I am going the faster the termostat goes back to normal. What do you think it is?


1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

September, 27, 2006 AT 1:04 PM

Obviously the faster the more heat the car generates but the more air is passed through to cool the radiator. As you slow down the air movement reduces. Are the fans working?

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