1994 Honda Civic



January, 27, 2006 AT 12:32 AM

Hello there,

The car is about 100 000 miles. I kept it in good condition. Recently, it would overheat even when its running. Ie running at 60 miles n hour and so on.

When I turn on the heat when running it would than come down its temperature.

There is no leak in radiator as its still full with coolent.

I do not know how to check if the head gasket is cracked or so.

What might be causing the issue?



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January, 30, 2006 AT 1:21 AM

Well first off to check for a blown head gasket look at your exhaust. If its blown you should have white billowy smoke coming out with a sweet scent. If this is not the problem, which I doubt it is, it is more the likely your thermostat is stuck closed. That would prevent your coolant from recirculating and cooling the vehicle.



January, 30, 2006 AT 1:23 AM

Oh and to check for a bad thermostat run the car. When it heats up touch the top radiator hose. It should be hot. If not then its definetly your therm.



January, 30, 2006 AT 12:13 PM

Hello there,
Thanks for the info.

Ok till I last filled it, ie on the 26th with coolent, this morning dead cold, I check the radiator, the level was not up to the top, but just slightly above the metal parts inside the radiator. But when I check the reserve the level was above the max, so Im not sure if thats the way its supose to be.

I started the car and drop wife off, only 10 min drive each way, got back, check top rad hose while engine is running, it was nice and hot and there is pressure on pipe, which to me looks preety good, ie coolent is circulating.

I check the exhaust but there isnt any white stuff and no smell.

The car currently is not overheating.I guess it overheated that time when I really was driving it fast for a while so maybe high pressure built up but im going to observe it till the overheating occurs again.

Also I notice that the fan intermittenly comes on. Id have the car on idle, rev up the rpm a lil bit for a while so that it would heat up so the fan would come on. Sometimes it wont come on. Ive changed the relay switch with new same issue, all fuses are ok. Could it still be related to a faulty themostat I wonder. The fan works for sure as I tested it.

Any thoughts on this car be great : )



February, 1, 2006 AT 12:15 PM

The therm wouldnt have anything to do with the fan turning on or off. Your fan turns on and off and preset temps. If your car overheats because of that then you may have a whole different problem. Nothing to bad though.

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