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June, 19, 2006 AT 2:29 PM


I have a 99 civic coupe EX with a 99 Jdm GSR engine in it. I recently noticed that the car was running rich. The tail pipe was laced with black dust (inside).

So I suspected a bad O2 so I replaced it (the one on the header) and am thinking of getting the one on the catalytic converter done too.

But I have notice a significant drop in oil. From one day being full and 3-4 days later completely dry.

I just replaced the O2 2 days ago and the oil has not been dropping drastically so far during 2 days of both normal and aggressive driving.

I use Mobil 1 race oil. And premium gas either 91 or 94 octane. The gas mileage went down as well. Prob 300km-350km a tank.

Have been looking under the hood and under the car, no visible leaks at all. The engine does not overheat. The sparks plugs have a bit of white layered deposits with the ring laced with black carbon deposits but not on the grooves.

Can a bad O2 cause an engine to burn oil?

My catalytic converter is prob done should I replace it?

No blue smoke so far.

Thanks in advance.

compression tests on all 4 cylinders were very close to 210 on all 4.


98 Leaking/burning Oil


Uses Oil


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Bruce Hunt

June, 19, 2006 AT 3:44 PM

Probably won't answer your question but replacing the O2 and thinking about the cat and the other O2 without any verification they are bad seems awfully foolish. Throw your money my way instead. When was a tune-up performed and what did it entail? I found the oil use on the Honda's to be very perplexing. They use it sometimes and I would really like to know where it disappears to. However, I suspect that the heat is greater than you might think. Check out the timing of the vehicle.



June, 26, 2006 AT 9:21 AM

I'll check the timing to see. I also replaced the pcv valve thought it might be plugged, it was only 7$ so replaced it just in case.

I'll definitely get a tune-up sometime soon. Thanks.

One more question: the last time I changed my oil, within a week the oil got dark, this can mean what usually?

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