91 Civic si quits randomly while moving.

  • 1991 HONDA CIVIC

I've got a 91 civic si HB with a 5 speed, FI and almost 140k miles. While driving it the other day, the engine just shut itself off. I was going along with the car in gear, about 40 mph with my foot just into the throttle to maintain speed when the tach dropped to zero and the engine light came on. The exhaust sounded like the car was on (its aftermarket), but hitting the gas did nothing. The speedo was still showing the (dropping) speed, and everything else stayed on (radio, clock, which didn't reset btw). After I put the car into neutral, the oil light, then the battery light came on, not to mention the sound from the exhaust quit. I pulled to the side of the road and tried to restart. It turned over but wouldn't fire up. I turned the key all the way off without removing it, then tried it again. It lit like there was nothing wrong. What the heck? It's been doing this randomly for a week now. Doesn't matter how fast, what gear, or if it's even IN a gear.

The motor also burns oil. After being on the freeway for a while, when I lift off the throttle and put it in neutral, it blows some white smoke. The faster I go on the freeway, the more it burns, too. If I get to over 75 mph, I can smell the oil burning. I've heard this is most likely a ring issue, so my question is this: I've seen from other posts that replacing the rings in some Honda/Acura engines is impossible due to their color coding and how tightly they're put together. Is this true in the d16a6? The sticker under the hood says it's from Honda of Canada, so I doubt that's the case. ;) Thanks in advance.

I've got to add one more comment, something new that happened today getting on the freeway. The car bucked once as I was accelerating in 4th gear, like there was a hiccup in the fuel or something. Could it possibly be the fuel pump? Or do they not die slowly?

I'd certainly be doing the work myself, and as a head gasket and ring set is about $50 combined, how could it not be worth it?

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 AT 2:20 PM

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I would check the EFI relay. The Electronic Fuel Injection relay. The noise of the engine exhaust is because the engine is still turning over as the car slows down. If you would have pushed in the clutch the sound of the exhaust would have stopped immediately.

White smoke from the engine is not oil. You may have a very weak engine. The head gasket I would venture is leaking and your rings worn.

Rebuilding the engine is up to you. I would say that when all is said and done you will have more in the car than it is worth. Especially if you do not do the work yourself.

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Thursday, July 6th, 2006 AT 3:03 PM

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