1986 Honda Civic



February, 2, 2006 AT 6:32 AM

: D Hi there, just wondering if someone can help me. My 1986 Honda Civic has suddenly started to idle high, around 2thou, when I turn it off it has pr-ignition. The first time this happened it ran on for around 10 minutes, NO Kidding, I pulled all the leads off, still did'nt shut off. When it FINNALLY did the catelic converter was glowing red hot. I have also noticed that the exhurst manafold has turned a whiteish colour which indicates to me that it is getting too hot, I have check for air leaks, taken the converter off, checked the carbby but still can't find the problem. I have been doing some research and have noticed there is a Compound Vortex Combustion Chamber on it, but know little about it. Could this be my problem. I would appreciate any help with this frustrating matter, THANKS?

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February, 2, 2006 AT 7:42 AM

In any vehicle I've ever seen, when the cat gets red hot it is due to excessive unburned fuel getting past the combustion chamber and into the exhaust manifold. Possible causes are an incorrect fuel mixture, incorrect timing, corroded spark plugs, a faulty oxygen sensor, sticking float, faulty fuel injector or a malfunctioning check valve.

On the rare occasion it could be the catalyst material has fractured. When the car is on and you rev up the engine can you hear anything rattling in the cat? It is possible that it has become clogged. Are you getting anything out of the muffler?



February, 3, 2006 AT 5:34 AM

Hi mvannessjr, I all so think it has something to do with unburnt fuel, however I think there is another problem causing this. I think the problem stems from what ever it is making the car idle higher. The fast idle happened very suddenly, which lead me to believe it had someing to do with fuel, however I have checked the carby out and it looks fine. What concerns me is the problem happened so fast. I have taken the cat off and started the car, but idle was still high, the plugs look in great shape I think the mixtures ok because had no signs of any problems before, the float looks free. Yes I am getting exhaust out the rear, however I don't know how to chech the oxygen sensor and check valve or where it is located. I know quit a bit about cars and have never come across a sudden high idle before, always been slow idle which is usually sucking air. I have noticed that the upper part of the exhaust mannafold is a whitish colour which could be caused by unburt fuel like you suggested but carn't locate where or why this is happening. I would love to hear your suggestions on this annouing problem. THANKS?

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