2003 Honda Civic



June, 22, 2008 AT 11:17 PM

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Honda Civic

If you can answer this one great.

I have a 3 door hatchback honda civic si
the air conditioner does not work.
We have replaced the clutch due to the fact the bearings were shot, but 3 months later we find our
selve in the same mess.
The clutch does gave out and is making terrible sounds.
All I want to know is does the clutch and the compressor have to be change together.

How does one fix this mess?


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June, 22, 2008 AT 11:58 PM

Lol if you have a Denso swash plate compressor I want to know how you took it apart. I know on most swash plate compressors the front seal is part of the idling pulley and clutch plate assembly. Once you start messing with the front seal for the compressor it is nearly impossible to hermetically seal it again. The refrigerant is undergoing drastic changes and creates a significant amount of load on the front seal at a wide range of temperatures. A piston actuated compressor is much different and replacing the internals on these is much easier, even some rotary compressors are too; however, swash plates are not something that you can easily mess with. This would involve a leak and not thrust bearing failure, so most likely the cause of this was moisture in the system (ice in the compressor), a heavy amount of liquid refrigerant at the suction side, or improper torque of the idler pulley and clutch. Did you properly evacuate the system under 25 inch. Hg or less (meaning up to perfect vacuum) for at least 45 minutes. Did you replace the drier/accumulator or at least the dessicant inside. The good thing about the swash plate compressors is that they can take a small amount of ice and liquid refrigerant at the suction side; however, the dryer helps to turn this refrigerant into a gas state.



June, 23, 2008 AT 10:13 AM

Hi Aircondition123,

It is not necessary to replace the clutch and compressor assy as a unit BUT, if there is wear on the mounting points of the clutch bearing, you need to replace the compressor.

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