2002 Honda Civic SRS light and Clicking sound for the engine

  • 2002 HONDA CIVIC

Car: 2002 Honda Civic LX
Milage: 74,000
Engine Size: 1.7 liter
Transmission: AT
Body: Sedan

I have two problems with my 02 Civic that I would like to get some help with. The first problem I have is with the SRS light. Few days ago I when I started the car the SRS light came on. I am suspecting that is it due to seat belt. So, I just wanted to know if my suspicion is correct. The driver side seatbelt has had issue with clicking in. I would have to try several times before the buckle would snap in the slot.
The second problem is a sound that is coming out of the engine. Couple of days ago as I was going to work, when I would stop at any signal for more then few seconds it would feel that the car is about to die and then it would continue. When I got to work and opened up the hood I heard a clicking sound so I took out all the ignition coils to see the spark plugs if they are ok and one of the ignition coil seemed to be burned out. I am not sure what could have caused the problem and also what else could have been damaged. The last major tuneup I had on the car was only about 10,000 miles ago. I am not sure what else could have gotten damaged. Please guide me on what I would need to do to fix this. What should I worry about when replacing the ignition coil? Should I also replace the spark plug? And if I am to replace the spark plug should I replace all 4 or just the one that goes with the ignition coil? And I am very curious what could have caused the coil to burnout?
Thanks for taking your time to read and answer my problem.

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007 AT 3:37 AM

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So, the mechanic that I show it to said that the engine noise is due to loose starter and that the cylinder head's thread that hold the spark plug was striped out and that was causing it to make the noise. The suggestion he made to was to re-thread and replace all the spark plugs.

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007 AT 4:41 PM

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