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October, 10, 2009 AT 8:15 PM

Suspension problem
2002 Honda Civic 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 33000 miles

Where is the front lower ball joint located on 2002 Honda Civic LX. Standing on driver side and looking down between power steering fluid reservoir and ps pump I see a stud and nut near front of wheel; is this the ball joint (Moog MOK90332, Sunkei W0133-1632134 or Mevotec MEMK90332)? If this is not the ball joint, what part is it? Many Thanks. How much donation for this? Money order? Mailing address?


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October, 10, 2009 AT 8:37 PM

All same dif name and qUALITY

NOTE:Always use a ball joint remover to disconnect a ball joint. DO NOT strike the housing or any other part of the ball joint connection to disconnect it.

Install a hex nut (A) onto the threads of the ball joint (B). See Fig. 1 Make sure the nut is flush with the ball joint pin end to prevent damage to the threaded end of the ball joint pin.
Apply grease to the ball joint remover on the areas (A). See Fig. 2 This will ease installation of the tool and prevent damage to the pressure bolt (B) threads.
Install the ball joint remover. See Fig. 3 . Insert the jaws carefully, making sure not to damage the ball joint boot. Adjust the jaw spacing by turning the pressure bolt (B).
After adjusting the adjusting bolt, make sure the head of the adjusting bolt (A) is in the position to allow the jaw (C) to pivot.
With a wrench, tighten the pressure bolt until the ball joint pin pops loose from the steering arm or knuckle. If necessary, apply penetrating type lubricant to loosen the ball joint pin.
Remove the ball joint remover, then remove the nut from the end of the ball joint pin, and pull the ball joint out of the steering arm or knuckle. Inspect the ball joint boot, and replace it if damaged



October, 11, 2009 AT 5:58 PM

After doing a lot of research I now believe the problem is caused by a 'shot' lower control arm front bushing. I've learned that this is a somewhat common problem with the POS engineering design of 2002 Civic LX suspension.

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