2001 Honda Civic Coolant/ Overheating?

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2001 Honda Civic EX Coupe, 104,000 miles: In July 2006, my car overheated and I got the fan, thermostat, radiator, and all the hoses replaced. It had been running perfectly until recently, when the temperature gauge started to go wacky, staying under the halfway mark, then moving way up to past hot, then back down. The car was not overheating (no steam, hood was cool to the touch). I added coolant and the problem went away for a week. Then, the gauge went up to hot and stayed there, the engine started to make clicking noises when I would accelerate, and when I stopped and opened the hood, coolant was splattered and leaking. Any ideas what caused this/ what I can do to repair this?

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Monday, February 19th, 2007 AT 10:22 AM

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Aside from all of the normal things you can check for a leak like hoses and radiator, I would have someone do a pressure test on the cooling system, its the easiest and cheapest way to determine where the coolant is coming from if its not visible, and tackle everything else after you determine where the leak came from this may or may not be the whole problem since you stated you added coolant a week ago, start simple find the leak and then find the cause lmk


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Monday, February 19th, 2007 AT 10:27 AM

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