1999 Honda Civic dx automatic trans 103000 miles Idle

  • 1999 HONDA CIVIC
OK. I have a 1999 honda civic which not too long ago I crashed, however I fixed it. During the time the car was damaged it ran normal. After I fixed it the check engine light when on and the idle started to jump up and down after a few minutes being on. (Replaced parts sfter accident were radiator, rad fan, headlights, a/c condenser, power steering resevour and oxygen sensor (the one on top {right on the exhaust manifold} since it has two of them) all the parts came off a used car. Same motor type and year. Well I did get rid of the check engine light by disconnecting the battery for a lil bit, but the idle still jumpy.I checked the air intake (stock) and it has no sensors. I have no idea whatt it could be that makes the rpms go up and down. Thank you for your help
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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 AT 10:59 AM

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First off I would never just reset a check engine light. I would want to know what it indicated. The surging of the engine could be most likely be related to the radiator. Installing a new one would mean that the coolant was replaced as well. Now, I suspect that there could be air in the system. There are two bleeders to open and allow air to escape. Check that out. Air pockets can set over a sensor and give a false indicator of temp to the ECU computer and cause it to think in needs for gas when it doesn't and then less. Check that out first.
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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 AT 7:33 PM

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