1995 Honda Civic clutch frozen, rear suspension noise

  • 1995 HONDA CIVIC

Transmission problem
1995 Honda Civic 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

the car shifted normally, parked at night- next morningm it wouldn't shift into any gear and made grinding sound- you can shift it into any gear with the engine off however. About a month before, I did something that caused a squeaky loud noise from the rear suspension area that would dissapear at 40mph or faster- I want to do the repair myself- not due to any particular mechanic skiills- I just can't pay what their asking.

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Saturday, April 5th, 2008 AT 3:35 PM

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As far as the clutch goes, sounds like ahydraulic problem. Look for any fluid leak at the clutch master (look under dash where at the back of the clutch master) if it is ok, check the slave cylinder (mounted on side of trans) im sure you will find one of them has a leak. What happened that caused the noise in the rear? Would help me figure out what it needs. Sounds like it may be a wheel bearing. You can take that corner apart and try spinning the hub without any brake drag on it and see if it spins smooth or makes a noise

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Sunday, April 6th, 2008 AT 7:44 AM

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