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March, 27, 2006 AT 7:17 PM

I don't know a lot about cars. My 95 Honda Accord just started to smoke blue fumes out of the exhaust. During my own oil change, I recently had added too much oil. I ran it once and noticed smoke coming from the back. I quickly drained the oil and started over. There is still blue smoke coming from my exhaust. Should I be worried and take my car in or is it just excess oil burning off?


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Bruce Hunt

April, 2, 2006 AT 12:01 AM

It is excess oil, but overfilling the oil can be harmful to the engine. I would drive it with the oil at the right level and see what happens. Taking it to a mechanic is ok, but I would be careful as what you have stated could allow a lot of room for a shady mechanic to take advantage of you.



April, 2, 2006 AT 8:57 AM

Bruce is right about engine damage. The Honda engine is a well designed engine. It is balanced so that sometimes the pistons are different size for balance. Just by a few mm but different size. The rings are color coded by size. Severe damage can be experienced with excess oil in the engine. The oil generates lower end pressure and could have upset the ring seal and caused premature gasket failure. Let the engine run for a few thousand miles and watch the oil level and smoke. I don't where the car is located or your area emission standards

A Honda engine is impossible to rebuild with the same longevity as an original engine.

Japan has some very strict laws concerning emissions and when a car approaches 30K miles the engine is often changed. These engines are shipped to the US for resale. It would be a good choice to have one of those installed but like Bruce said shady mechanics do take advantage. Don't ever admit that you are a novice. Express your concerns to the mechanic and ask for advice; that's why we volunteer to help.

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