2000 Honda Accord



September, 20, 2006 AT 8:22 PM

When I put on the left turn indicator, the arrow inside the car blinks very fast. The right turn arrow is normal.

I have shown it to my mechanic who replaced all left side bulbs but the problem continues.

What else can I do to fix this? Is taking the car to the dealer the only option? How much could it cost?

1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

September, 26, 2006 AT 7:14 AM

I would try looking at the turn signal _____ (forgot what it is called) It should be located near the fuse box and it is responsible for breaking the power to the lights so they go on and off. Sorry about the bad memory but there could be one for each side. It is called a flasher. Check the flasher and replace if necessary. They get weak and can cause the flashing of turn signals to be faster or slower.

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