Honda Accord



July, 3, 2007 AT 8:49 AM

I have a 93' Honda Accord, Automatic, Engine: 4 cyclinder, Mileage: 168,000. When I crank my car its hard to start and my engine light comes on. After my car starts, the engine light stays on and today after I shifted the gear to Drive. The Drive light on the dash board started flashing. And keep flashing
I went to a mechanic and they told me a code came up that I needed a head gasket replace for $700.00. Which I know that's ridiculous. My car is NOT leaking oil. The mechanic also said my car overheated. But the issue only happens in the mornings when I first crank my car up after its been sitting.
I was putting 87. Cheaper gas in my car when I notice the problem. I filled my gas tank up, with good gas and put gas treatment in my tank because I was told it would help my situation. Please help I have so many people giving me different advice.


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Bruce Hunt

July, 3, 2007 AT 9:23 AM

And now you ask for one more? There is no code that says replace the headgasket. You should know whether the car overheated or overheats. The head gasket is not just about oil but about joining the head and the block. It keeps the coolant in its place and the oil as well. It has to stand the pressure of the firing of the engine. Get the codes read from autozone or some other place. Let us know what the code it. On this website is a section " Diagnostic Trouble Codes" that will let you know what the code means.

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