1999 Honda Accord



February, 3, 2009 AT 10:04 PM

Brakes problem
1999 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

Although I am sure it can be a variety of issues, what is the common culprit when the brake warning/sensor light comes on but then goes off as the engine warms up? The brakes themselves feel fine while driving.


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February, 3, 2009 AT 10:11 PM

First thing to do is to inspect brake fluid level and brake pads.
Does the indicator light show the letters B R A K E inside of brackets or is it A B S? If it is BRAKE, that is the parking brake indicator and either the parking brake is slightly pulled or a sensor is going bad. If it is ABS, there is probably a faulty ABS sensor located at each wheel or it may be more serious. Further diagnosis at a reputable repair shop is recommended since braking is a necessity for driving a vehicle safely.

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February, 3, 2009 AT 10:25 PM

Check the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir. There is a float attached to the cap that raises and drops as the fluid level raises or drops in the reservoir. If the fluid level gets too low the brake warning light comes on. If the fluid level is low your brake pads may be worn or there may be a leak in the brake hydraulic system somewhere. Also check the brake light bulbs to ensure they are all lighting up. When the bulbs wear out the filiments inside will sometimes make contact correctly and sometimes not. Also check that a brake light illuminates when the parking brake is set. I mention all these due to there being more than one brake warning light on the car. Different lights for different problems.



February, 6, 2009 AT 11:16 PM

After investigating that the fluid was fine and the pads appear to look good (I just had them replaced about 20K ago), I inspected the float attached to the brake fluid cap. Probably because the car is 10 years old, and the brake cap is the original, the float was sticking, causing the warning light to come on. Of course it was sticking during the morning when the engine was cold and as the engine warmed up, it would unstick. Bottom line, I replaced the cap and no more warning light. Thanks for the input.



September, 16, 2014 AT 6:00 PM

Did it also turn off while braking, example like up to stop light, before it warmed up? I have the same issue with my 01 accord.

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