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Engine Cooling problem
1997 Honda Accord 4 cyl Automatic 167275 miles

Recently my car has been over heating after just going short distances. Yesterday I flushed out the radiator and add new coolant in the car. Today I was Coming home for work(about 2miles) so the car really didnt even have time to heat up. But the was reading that it was overheating. I didnt notice any leaks when I add new coolant or when I whent to my car this morning. Could this be the thermostat if so is it a easy fix? If so were is it located for I can change it myself. I learning to repair my own car to save money.

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 AT 6:50 PM

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Yes the thermostat could be stuck. To find it. Follow the hose comming off of the upper radiator to the engine, where it stops that is the thermostat housing. You have to go inside there to remove it. If that doesnt work. Your engine coolant temperature sensor is your next step. That is: Under hood, center, upper engine area, passenger side of engine block, mounted near distributor. And make sure that you bleed the system.

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 AT 10:19 PM

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