1988 Honda Accord



July, 23, 2007 AT 12:50 AM

All I need to know is how the hell do I STOP the dinging of the door sensor? The light for the seat belt flashes and it dings constantly but I think its dinging because the door sensor is not working~Isnt there a fuse or something I can yank out so the dinging will stop before I go crazy?? Thanx :)



1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

July, 23, 2007 AT 1:27 PM

Determine which door sensor you think is failing and unscrew it for the door post. Disconnect the wire and don't let the wire drop back inside the post without attached a string to allow you to pull in back out. Tape the string down to access the wire. If you determine the switch is bad, replace it. They aren't that pricey and easy to do. Now it is posslbe that the switch works but is not being fully pushed to break the circuit. Adjust the switch if possible or the door latch may have loosened and is not shutting as tight as it used to.

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