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I want to put in HID's im thinking 5900k, but im not sure if my car can even take these headlights, if not would i need a conversion kit like this? http://www.hidnation.com/kresults.html?y=2005&ma=VOLKSWAGEN&mo=Passat&e=w/HID%20H/L

also the dash is all messed up, can i use a vinyl wrap, and cover it all up with that??
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Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 AT 7:06 PM

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Most of us would be really grateful if you'd leave those lights on the poles in the parking lots where they belong. They are an irritating safety hazard for oncoming drivers which shows how stupid the NHTSA people are to even allow them. They use very expensive bulbs and very expensive ballasts, both of which are high-failure items. If brighter is better we should all be driving around with carbon-arc spot lights

The funniest thing is you will not see better with them. Anything up close will be illuminated brighter which doesn't do you any good. You can see that stuff already. Your eyes will adjust to the brighter light so you will not be able to make out as much further down the road. Shine a small flashlight in your eyes while you're driving and look at how poorly you can see anything in the distance. That's what's important to see so you have time to react and slow down.

If you still want to wreck your car with these, don't buy any kit unless it uses standard VW parts. VW is one of the three least customer-friendly manufacturers in the world but at least you will be able to find replacement parts. Most of the time aftermarket manufacturers who buy parts and put kits together either go out of business or they move on to making something else to sell and make money on until the demand goes away. Assuming you can find them still around it is common that they don't stock replacement parts. If a housing gets smashed from hitting a deer you couldn't see in time, you'll have no trouble finding one in a salvage yard, ... If it's a VW part.

If the car was available new with these lights as an option, the dealer may be able to order a kit too. There will be spots in the fuse box for the extra circuits and you won't have to do as much butchering on the car to connect everything.
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Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 AT 7:49 PM

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