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Engine Mechanical problem
1991 GMC Safari Automatic

hello, hopefully someone can help me here, I have a 1991 gmc safari that I had handed down to me from an uncle whom passed away. I knew it would need some work done to it because it sat in his yard for about 5 years. When I found out it was left to me I bought a new battery and got it running, changed the oil, and flushed the radiator. I was able to drive it for about 2 days and on the way home it started over heating. So I thought it might be the thermostat so I let it cool down and refilled the radiator and headed to the parts store. About 1 mile from my house it started to sputter at a stop light, when I started to accererate it gave me a hard time then died like it was out of gas, but it wasnt. Got it to the house and took another vehicle to the parts store, replaced the thermostat and now when I crank it it will sputter and stall, if I keep the gas pedal down in will stay running but it will not idle. Any suggestions on what might be wrong?
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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 AT 3:06 PM

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Where applicable, how about the spark plugs--plug wires--all filters-- cap and rotor? I realize all that costs money, but, they are maintenance issues.

You may have an idle air problem? Take the throttle-body off and clean it, the passages as well as the throttle bore. Check the iac and tps. Check for applicable mil codes. Use a gage and check fuel pressure.
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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 AT 3:16 PM

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