May, 27, 2006 AT 8:16 PM

1990 Corvette 63,000 miles.
I am having intermittent starting problems that are getting worse.
The car cranks over very strong but no sign it will start. After trial and error month after month I tried moving the shifter to neutral, still nothing, just cranks over, so I keep moving the shifter from drive to park and back again nothing, THEN, I placed the shifter in 'Drive" then held the ignition key in the start position while I slowly slid the shifter into Neutral and it started. ( While holding the key in the ON position)
It's not consistent though, sometimes I move the shifter up and down and slam it into " Park" to get it started. As I write this I cannot get the car started no matter what I do to the shifter.
Could my problem be the Neutral safety switch? If so where is it located and can it be adjusted or should I just replace it?
Respectfully submitted.


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May, 27, 2006 AT 9:17 PM

The nuetral safety switch is located under the shift handle inside the center console this the problem could be the switch but it might be something else as well without seeing the vehicle and based solely on what you told me I would say to try putting a switch in and just see what happens as here is the service procedure
1. To avoid personal injury when servicing models equipped with Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (Airbag) System, temporarily disarm system. Refer to BODY ELECTRICAL SAFETY AND ENTERTAINMENT/PASSIVE RESTRAINTS, AIR BAG/MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES/AIRBAG SYSTEM DISARMING.
2. On all models, remove floor console cover, then disconnect electrical connectors from switch.
3. Place shift lever in Neutral position of detent plate, then remove switch attaching nuts and switch, Fig. 15.
4. To install, ensure the shift lever is in Neutral, then position switch on shift lever making sure pin on shaft is in slot of switch.
5. If reinstalling existing switch, rotate switch to align service adjustment hole with carrier tang hole. Insert a.094 inch gauge pin and rotate switch until pin drops in to a depth of.59 inch. Torque switch attaching nut to 26 inch lbs, then remove gauge pin.
6. If installing a new switch, torque attaching nuts to 26 inch lbs, then move shift lever out of Neutral to shear pin which is part of new switch.
7. Reconnect electrical connectors to switch, then apply parking brake and start engine. Check back-up lights and seat belt warning system for proper operation and ensure engine will start only in Park or Neutral.
8. Turn ignition off and install floor console.
9. After completing service procedure activate Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (Airbag) System, if equipped. Refer to BODY ELECTRICAL SAFETY AND ENTERTAINMENT/PASSIVE RESTRAINTS, AIR BAG/MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES/AIRBAG SYSTEM DISARMING.



May, 27, 2006 AT 10:48 PM

I will remove the console plate tomorrow and see
what's what. Guess I'll have to wait until Tuesday to get a new Neutral safety switch since Mondays a Holiday.
Man I hope this works. Thanks allot.

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