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I have recently purchased a 1988 chevy 350 v8 175k. Engine was well maintained with records. Drove it 1000 miles in 3 days and was pushing it hard and lost oil pressure. Sluggish. Chugging engine. Coasted off interstate, stuck in a motel in Clanton, AL. What happened? Oil Pump? Sending Unit? Vortex effect? Engine will turn over but wont start. Please reply ASAP! Thank you in advance for your suggestions. VAN :(

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Saturday, January 14th, 2006 AT 2:17 AM

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Hmmmm? Lost oil pressure? Won't start. Ok lets see the oil pump and distributor are both driven by the cam shaft. The camshaft drives the gear on the distributor shaft which in turn drives the oil pump. Something could have happened to the distributor drive gear causing distributor timing problems and oil pump drive problems. Also something could have happened to the camshaft itself, like the timing chain or belt could have broken or got so loose it is not turning the camshaft, hence not turning the distributor. And oil pump. Quick check, pull dist cap, turn engine see if rotor turns when engine cranked. Another check, put crank pulley at TDC on the timing mark, see if dist rotor is pointing right at #1 or directly away from #1 plug wire in the distributor. If pointing away from #1 plug wire can turn wngine one more turn and back to TDC mark and see if now pointing directly at #1 plug wire terminal on distributor. If all this checks out most likely cam timing is ok and working properly. The oil pressire bypass valve in the oil filter base could have stuck open causing oil pressure loss, but still should start. If you get it started, please do not run it until you are sure there is oil pressure or you will wreck the engine for sure.
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Saturday, January 14th, 2006 AT 8:18 AM

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