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Hello, I found a deal on a 99 Pontiac Grand Am SE for sale for only 500 bucks. According to the seller, there was a screaching noise under the hood and the engine stoped running and the starter wouldn't turn over. I tried jumping it with no luck, just the starter selenoid clicking. All the power stuff seems to come on. According to the seller, there were water problems, the radiator was replaced and her uncle believes that the water pump is shot. If the pump is seized, can this prevent the engine from cranking over? Is it possible, that the anti-theft system is preventing it from cranking? Or the neutral safety?
Or maybe the starter went bad at the same time?
Besides the engine being seized or blown, what are some things to check out? This 99 Grand Am has the 2.4 liter, DOHC engine. Any words of wisdom is appreciated--Thanks-- mindstrap@gmail. Com
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Friday, May 5th, 2006 AT 9:28 AM

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Unfortunatlly, it sounds to me like it is the engine. I would pull starter off and check it then if it's good try puuling spark plugs and turn engine over. If you still can't get it to turn you got the car cheap enough that if you like it would probably be worth the trouble of finding a good engine for it. Just my thoughts on it but that is what it sounds like to me.
Good luck and happy wrenching 8)
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Saturday, May 6th, 2006 AT 12:50 PM

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