2001 GMC Jimmy



December, 10, 2006 AT 1:49 PM

We have a 2001 GMC Jimmy with 110k miles.

For the past couple months I've noticed a buzzing in the radio. I assumed it was just a bad ground and since I hardly use the radio, I didn't think much about it.

A couple weeks ago I went out the start the truck in the morning and it was completely dead. About an hour later it had full power and started but when I put it in drive it didn't want to stay running. Later on that night it started and ran fine and has until Yesterday.

Yesterday we went and got a Christmas tree : wink: and it ran fine all day. Last night it was again completely dead! I threw the charger on it and when I did the hood lamp came on bright as can be and the battery showed having a charge. When I turned the ignition to start it everything flickered and the speakers made a loud buzing sound. It's odd because when I put the charger on it, the truck seems to have full power but when I turn the ignition everything goes haywire.

Please Help!
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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December, 10, 2006 AT 3:46 PM

A few more things I noticed.
When I turn the ignition to start the amps on the battery charger jump all the way up to end of the meter. Then the dash lights flicker and stuff starts humming and buzzing.

When I turn the ignition backwards, the radio, domelight and everything seem to work. Of course this is only when the charger is hooked up. Otherwise it's completely dead.

The battery is giving off about 10.5 volts unhooked.

I don't have a test light but I have a voltage tester. I am getting around 11 volts when I run the two leads between the negative battery terminal and negative truck wire. Is this normal?

Also tried to pull all the fuses with the tester in place and the voltage didn't drop. Now I'm really stuck.




December, 22, 2006 AT 4:46 PM

I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this. I am having a similar problem with my jimmy stalling for apparently no reason.

It started out as just a stall and restart immediately but the other day I went out to the truck at lunch and the key fob didn't work. Though the battery in the fob was dead so I unlocked the door manually and tried to turn it over. Nothing. So I opened the hood. Giggled the battery cable and I heard the ding, ding, ding from the key being in the ignition. Turned out to be dumb luck. The next morning I started the truck to warm up before I headed to work and when I walked back in the house the truck shut off. No power at all. Couldn't even get the key out of the ignition.

Drove another car to work and when I got home the truck started right up. Drove to the store. Shut off when I put it in park. Had to leave the key in again. Went on the store and it started when I came back out.

This morning I started it and once again it shut off as I was walking inside. Had to leave the key in again but this time when I got home it still wouldn't start.

Found this forum.

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