1996 GMC Jimmy replacing blower motor

  • 1996 GMC JIMMY
  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 134,000 MILES
Two quickies:
1) Blower stopped working (no flow, but seems warmth is coming out slowly). At the same time the blower stopped, one of the three (2H 4H 4L) lites went out (2H, on unless in 4 wheel drive). Are the blower and this (1) lite on the same circuit?
2) Can you briefly describe replacing the blower motor? (I am temporarily partially disabled, and need to know if I should try it).
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Sunday, January 24th, 2010 AT 12:21 AM

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Not on same circuit. Check blower motor fuse and blower relay before jumping into replacing the blower motor itself.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. If equipped, remove the Vehicle Control Module (VCM) from the engine compartment.
3. Remove the coolant recovery reservoir.
4. Disconnect the blower motor cooling tube.
5. Unplug the electrical connector(s) from the blower motor, as necessary.
6. Remove the blower motor-to-case screws (the lower screw is on the bottom front of the cover).
7. Disconnect the harness from the blower motor.
8. Use a razor or utility knife to cut through the cover on the cut line as neatly as possible because the access cover has to be reinstalled.
9. Starting with upper half of the cover, tear the remaining part of the access cover from the remaining portion. Then remove the lower half of the cover in the same manner.
10. Remove the blower motor assembly.

To install:

11. Install the blower motor assembly.
12. Connect the two halves of the access cover together using the three flange clips.
13. Using black duct tape, place a piece of the tape along the bottom lower edge of the lower half of the lower cover only. The tape has to be the full width of the cover.
14. Install the access cover onto the case.
15. Install the screw and align the cut areas.
16. Seal the cut areas using black weaterstrip adhesive. Do not use RTV to seal the assembly. The weatherstrip adhesive bead should be as straight as possible to ensure a neat and professional finish to the cover. Allow the adhesive to set at least 15 minutes until it skins over.
17. Attach the electrical connections.
18. Attach the cooling tube and install the coolant recovery reservoir.
19. If removed, install the VCM.
20. Connect the negative battery cable and refill the coolant reservoir to the proper level.
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