1995 GMC C2500



January, 21, 2010 AT 9:08 PM

Engine Performance problem
1995 GMC C2500 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 147, 70 miles

My truck has a serious oil leak and a mechanic replaced the rear main seal and it is now leaking worse than it was before. He now tells me that I have too high oil pressure, it idles and pretty much stays at 45psi on the guage. He tells me now that I have to replace the oil pump and the leak will stop. He also used a lot of blue sealant on the new rear main seal when he installed it. Could this have caused problems also? PLEASE HELP!


1 Answer


Dr Loot

January, 25, 2010 AT 11:58 AM

These particular trucks has a very common problem leaking oil from the oil cooler lines, also the oil pressure switch is located directly on the top rear of the engine, if leaking would make it appear as a rear main leak.

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