How to Repair Engine High Oil Pressure

High engine oil pressure can cause severe engine damage such as oil pump drive and oil filter failure. Once these conditions occur the engine will rapidly start to wear and ultimately fail.

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When an engine is cold, the oil pressure will be at its highest point. If the oil pressure gauge is constantly in the highest position, there is a problem.
high oil pressure

The oil pressure sender is responsible for supplying feedback data to the gauge or computer. If this sensor fails it can give a false reading causing the gauge to read at its highest point. When this problem occurs the oil pressure sensor should be the first thing that is replaced. If the sensor did not fix the issue try to unplug the sensor and then turn the key on without starting the engine, the oil pressure gauge should be at zero pressure. If the gauge still reads max the gauge is bad and the cluster needs to be replaced.
oil pressure switch

If the sensor did not fix the issue and the gauge is not a problem, the oil pump will need to be replaced. There is a pressure relief valve designed into the pump to allow excess pressure to be bled off. If this valve gets stuck it can force the pump to work at full pressure. There is no other way to fix this problem. (Engine oil pan removed and turned over.)
oil pump pressure relief valve


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