Geo Metro



January, 29, 2007 AT 8:31 AM

I have a 97 geo with 222222miles. Its the four cylindar metro.
The alternator belt broke a while back and we replaced it. Battery was still going dead. Had the wife go and have it tested. They told her it was only putting out.9 amps. Well the battery died and she decided to jump it. She said she did not cross the cables. But now there is absolutly nothing. Even with booster cables on and clearly good connection between batteries I dont even get the dome light to come on.
Any ideas?

1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

January, 29, 2007 AT 4:08 PM

Under the hood on most cars is a fuse box besides the one inside the car. They have a master fuse that could be blown.

With the car running again. Hook a voltohm meter to the positive and negative on the battery. Read the voltage. Under 14 volts and the charging system is not working properly to coincide with the test that was run. Therefore, I believe that you are looking to replace the alternator.

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