1999 3.8 Windstar codes and gas pressure noise.

It runs fine at 105K miles, but get intermittent engine lite at approx. 200-300 miles after being erased. The codes are 1450 manufacture auxilary emission, 171 fuel lean bank 1, 174 fuel lean bank 2. The map sensor was cleaned without success.

Also intermittent pressure (growlng) noise from gas tank iin idle after running for a while. Gas cap was replaced from ford dealer. Both problems have over one year.
Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, January 13th, 2007 AT 7:12 PM

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What engine size?

Regardless start here, I still need to know.

Re: 2 latter codes
Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF). It eventually just gets a little dirty or builds up its own patina in the filament wires. A dirty or slightly patinated filament will send the wrong air reading to the computer, saying it is getting more air than it really is and the computer will tell the EFI to send in the wrong mix of fuel, thus, the bogging. The patina seems to form faster if you live in a damp climate. If you have had bogging or missing or idle spots, about every 25K miles plan on this quick cleaning job:
When your engine is cool, remove the wiring clip from the side of the black plastic sensor part of the MAF aluminum body. To remove the MAF interior sensor wire, you will need a Security Star (Size T15 or T20) screwdriver or screwdriver bit for a power screwdriver. Remove the two security star-head screws and carefully remove the sensor. You will see the two sensor filaments they look almost like the filaments on a light bulb. Carefully spray the filaments with an O2 safe carburetor cleaner, such as Gumout. Let it dry thoroughly. I help mine along with a careful blast or two of canned dry air. While it is drying carefully wipe the aluminum mount surface of the MAF body if there is any dust there, but be careful not to get dust in the mount hole. When the sensor is dry, replace the sensor back in the MAF body and secure with the security star-head screws. These don't need to be torqued down, just simply hand tight. Replace the wiring clip. Then start up your engine.

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