1998 Ford Windstar



September, 2, 2006 AT 10:14 PM

I need a wiring diagram for the stereo. I have no idea what colors go to what. I have a 1998 ford windstar, 6 cylinder, front wheel drive.


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September, 6, 2006 AT 8:29 PM

Best thing I can tell ya is if you can get to a speaker pull it out and look at the back of it it will say + look at the color or the wire on the +side and the one on the - side and that will be the colors all the way through the back speakers will be one set of colors and the fronts wil be another.(NOS) or go to autozone or pepboys and get a book most have wiring in them and maybe even a ford dealer will give you a print out of it.



December, 15, 2006 AT 6:47 PM

1998 Ford Windstar Stereo Information
Constant 12V+ Green/Purple
Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black
Ground Black/Light Green
Illumination Green
Dimmer n/a
Antenna Trigger n/a
Antenna Right Front
Front Speakers 5" x 7" Doors
Left Front (+) Orange/Light Green
Left Front (-) Light Blue/White
Right Front (+) White/Light Green
Right Front (-) Dark Green/Orange
Rear Speakers 5" x 7" Side Panels
Left Rear (+) Light Brown/White
Left Rear (-) Light Brown/Yellow
Right Rear (+) Light Brown/Green
Right Rear (-) Brown/Pink

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