1993 Ford Thunderbird wheel bearings, hubs and ball joints

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Hello. We have a 1993 Ford Thunderbird. Only had the car for about 5 months. When accelerating, you hear a squeaking that gets louding upon accerlation, from the right wheel. Eventually the squealing will go away after going a steady speed, but re appears when speeding up or slowing down.
We also hear a clicking and sort of a popping sound from the left wheel when you turn it. In addition we hear another sound, kind of a roaring sound that gets louder upon acceleration. We took the car to 2 independent mechanics. One said it we have a bad wheel bearing and hub. The other said it was the ball joints. So we figured it would not hurt to fix both problems. But would like another opinion on the symptoms I have stated. Also we want to fix it are self. What tools would we need to buy. And could someone give us step by step instructions on how to repair? Also where is the best place to buy these parts. Any advice would be appreciated.
Monday, November 9th, 2009 AT 4:53 PM

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Get teh parts at an auto parts store as they are fairly good and available. The poppingsound can be many things in the front end. As far as instructions go, go to the library and see if they have any ford repair books or look online as alot of people put repair things under that type of car. Tool wies your'll need a few metric wrenches and large sockets taht can take a lot of torque besides other tools. Have a mechanic give you aprice before you tackle this kind of job, as it can get involved, especially if you have to start buying tools to do the job and steering you just don't mess around wih as you could kill smeone besides yourself if you've never done this before.
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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 AT 12:54 PM

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