1993 Ford Tempo



October, 2, 2007 AT 10:29 PM

I have a 1993 Ford Tempo 4 cyl 2.3 liter engine. The problem started about two months ago, the car sometimes while idling at a stop would just stall because there was no spark. Tried to start it up but would not start until about 5 minutes then would start up again. When it stalled again I check all the basic components, spark plugs, distributor cap, spark plug wires ect, all check out OK.I assumed it was the ICM and pick-up bought a new one but still had the same problem from time to time. Them bought a Hans manual, I check when the car was running the Ignition coil-OK, check the new ICM and pick-up-OK the ignition switch-OK Check the Computer with a code debugger got 111 (system OK)then I check
the plug that goes into the ICM, pin-2(Coil Power)12
volts ignition switch in run position-OK. Pin-3(ICM Power)12 volts ignition switch in run and start position-OK. Pin-4 (FTO or Start not Sure)12 volts ignition in the start position-OK. Then when the car stalled again I check everything again and find that the only thing different is the voltage at pin-4 of the ICM plug which reads.8 volts(instead of 12 volts) in the start ignition position.I traced the wire of pin-4(white with thin pink stripe)the ECC (engine computer).A week ago the car Stalled again at a stop the difference now is it never stated back up again, Had to tow the car at my house. What is the problem. Everything checks out OK but that pin-4. Did the computer go bad. Semiconductors are not known to have intermittent problems, when they go bad they go bad the first time.


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July, 21, 2007 AT 9:01 AM

Plastic gears in the window motor are gone. Need a new one, Autozone sells em.

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